By | March 4, 2021

Acts as Financial Markets Advisory.

Clients of BlackRock include: Financial institutions, banks.

Issues faced :

  1. Complexity of strategic, financial and risk management.
  2. Rapid change in regulations
  3. expanding size of data.
  4. demand for increased transparency.

How they help?

  1. customize problem solving
  2. Tech and scale of financial system provider
  3. Capital markets expertise of an investment bank
  4. Portfolio management expertise.

They have Aladdin, which is BlackRock’s platform for risk analysis.

  1. Scrapping social media for live market intelligence
  2. Leveraging big data to advance social and environmental causes.
  3. Forecasting economic recovery
  4. Stress testing : impact of pandemic etc.
  5. Machine Learning : Predict mortgage defaults.

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