Job paradigm

Salesperson : works with clients to help them determine best strategies for hedging or investments. Traders : work on price quotes for the product and manage portfolio risk, they take through trading with our customers. Quants : work with trading on pricing models, risk analysis, hedging strategy as well as marketing of new products that Read More

Government and market

Socio-economic factors US Election results Brexit (Britain exit), UK leaves the European union. E.U has 27 members. 4 freedom are given to all members of E.U, free movement of Goods, People, Capital and Services.

Covid Impact on traders

Quants rely on data from past time periods , these have no reflection of a pandemic environment. When there is such high volatility in market it becomes extremely difficult to catch anything because they get whipsawed back and forth. Govt. : nature disasters and such pandemic create huge expense for govt. there do exist disaster Read More


Is essentially people being paid in Volatility. Created in 2009, can be used to book hotels on expedia, shop for furniture on overstock etc.


It is an investment position intended to offset potential losses or gains. Hedge, can be constructed from various kinds of financial instruments, including stocks etc.


Acts as Financial Markets Advisory. Clients of BlackRock include: Financial institutions, banks. Issues faced : Complexity of strategic, financial and risk management. Rapid change in regulations expanding size of data. demand for increased transparency. How they help? customize problem solving Tech and scale of financial system provider Capital markets expertise of an investment bank Portfolio Read More

Portfolio management

Problem statement : How to determine which stocks are good? Based on Quantitative and Qualitative data, given the risk limitations and with the aim to maximize the return. Case study two approaches : top down or bottom up. Capital division among Fixed income and equities.